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Book Fold, Handmade, these take hours and hours to make, each page is marked and then folded, some are marked, cut and then folded. These make great conversation pieces for anyone that loves books or reading, they also make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversary, or any occasion. I get all of my books from yard sales, thrift shops and libraries (not stolen, just books they are getting rid of), all are used and some may have a library card still in side or may have writing inside when they were given to someone, but you cannot see any of that. Some I have lightly inked to make them stand out more, some are not. This is a great use for used books and can be displayed with or without the dust cover,  and like I said earlier, they take hours to make anywhere from a couple of hours up to 20 hours depending on the design. Please see all photos.

16cm x 24cm