About Us

  We are from a small rural area in Northern Michigan. I worked many years in an unfulfilling job while my children were growing up. I missed out on a lot while they were growing up, and while doing that I was also selling on E-bay.

  I started my e-bay (New England Scrappers) journey in 2002, shut it down for some time then started it up again several years back. I have a 100% feedback on e-bay and love what I do. I sell new, used and handmade items on e-bay but am limited to how many items I can list which brings me to my new adventure. With my husband on the road most of the time and the kids grown up and gone, and me no longer working a long and tiring job I needed something to do which is what made me decide to opening an online store.

With this new adventure my goal is to list New, Used and Hand Made products, and as many different things as I can and have fun while working on it. I love to go to Garage Sales, to Estate Sales and buy wholesale and share what I find with others. I also enjoy scrapbooking during the winter months and refinishing old furniture during the summer, and many other crafty things when I have the time. 

 So come to www.michiganmonkey.com for a great variety of new, used and handmade products at great prices. Eventually if the new category does not go well then I will expand on my e-bay shop and eventually do away with E-bay and keep the online shop if all goes well. This way I will be able to list as many items as I please therefore being able to continue to offer low prices, and that way everything is shipped from the US instead of overseas. 

  I thrive to make my customers happy and deliver items in a timely manner. If for any reason you ever have a problem or a question, please do not hesitate to contact me at Laura@michiganmonkey.com and I will do everything I can to help  you.