1. What kind of items do you sell at your storefront?

We specialize in selling new, used & handcrafted items in our store. We purchase these products from multiple sources at a whole rate and sell it at an affordable rate to our customers.

In our used products catalog, we primarily sell boys and girls clothing, clothing & accessories for men & women, clothing for babies, along with stuff like books, crafts, pet supplies, toys, collectibles, etc.

Customers find our prices really affordable as compared to other online shops. We handpick each item and make sure it is of the finest quality before making it available in our shop.

2. How is your shop different from a thrift store?

As opposed to a thrift store, we don't accept any kind of donations in our store. Our items are hand-picked. Meaning, each of the items in our shop has been sorted out to ensure our customers get the best, most trendy and affordable items in our shop.

3. How do you source your products?

The vintage and used products are sourced from garage sales, estate sales, etc. When it comes to new products, we buy them in wholesale quantity from major dealers and sell it at an affordable rate to our customers.

4. Do you rotate clothing during each season?

As of now, we do not rotate the clothing. But we definitely plan to rotate them in the near future.

5. Can I rent some vintage clothing from your shop?

Because of the nature of these clothing (since they're old, they might get easily damaged), we are unable to rent the vintage clothing.

6. What is your return/replacement policy?

We do have a return policy. We accept returns for the first 30 days on new products. For second hand or used items, there are no returns except when we are at fault. Besides, we also don't accept returns on custom made items such as the dresser knobs/cabinet & stuffed toys.

Buyer will need to pay the return shipping on eligible products unless it was because of an error on my end. Also, the product(s) needs to be returned to Michigan Monkey, 4973 Helen Dr., Grayling, MI 49738.

Refunds will be made to the buyer via Paypal. Hence, it is important for the buyer to include their e-mail address while returning the product. Please visit our "Refund Policy" page for additional info.

7. What payment methods does Michigan Monkey accept?

At present, we have Shopify Payments and Paypal as two of our payment methods.

8. How do you ship the items from your storefront?

This depends on the type of item you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased a used or a handmade item, it will be shipped from our location. The items that are dropshipped will be shipped from the supplier's location. Please get in touch with us if you have any additional questions.